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The way things should have been.

A childhood framed
like a 1950s sitcom.
Black and white and perfect.

No divorce.

No fights
over fighting,
or spending,
or missed phone calls.

Hell, no phones.

The ringing. Always ringing.
There wouldn’t be ringing.

No tears.

No tears soaked into the
cool Kelly green comforter
of your warm water bed
while I watched “Fantasia”
without you.


No drinking.

No drunk dad tears in the middle
of an August day. 

No “lights off” when you stood outside my window, the one you installed, begging for her to love you again.

None of it.

All of it.

All of it gone.

If things were the way they should have been.

The laughter would be canned,
the smiles forced, and 
the credits would roll
on a life no one is really living.
Day 34

What can happen in a second

In one second…
A life ends and a new one begins. Cells
multiply, divide, and die like some
hellish story problem.

In one second…
No empires rise or fall, no romances
burn, but synapses fire and hearts beat
and thoughts grow like weeds.

In one second…
Pen touches paper, though no words come out.
Man touches woman, but nothing is spoken.
Fires start. Rain falls. Earth spins.

In one second…
There is nothing and everything.
How you feel about love these days:
Prompt 1/642: What can happen in a second?